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BFAR 3 Supports FAO Climate Change Resiliency Program

 Author: BFAR3-RFIS | 20 December 2016

UN-FAO in collaboration with Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) work together to strengthen the FAO Tilapia Climate Change Resiliency Program. UN-FAO is represented by Mr. Miao Weimin and BFAR is being represented by Roy Condes Ortega.  Tilapia is the second most important fish for mass domestic consumption and accounts for about 12 percent of the protein intake of households across all socio-economic groups in the Philippines. By ensuring sustainable and resilient production systems in this sub-sector, the aim is to help fish farmers become better equipped to contribute in ensuring affordable and nutritious food for the country’s growing population.

This program is one way of improving the food security and enhance the resilience of the fishery sector in the Philippines and a good example of how the organization can help build an inclusive and sustainable future across the country.